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My 2005 Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad 1600 My 2014 Indian Chieftain Tour (111c.i.d.)
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Ever Wonder about that little bell that you see hanging under some bikes?

The Liberty Bell
Evil Road Spirits. They are the viscious little demons! Turn signals ever failed to work? Maybe your battery suddenly went dead. Chances are that "Road Spirits" have hitched a ride. "Road Spirits" love to ride, but they can't hang in the presence of a bell. The constant ringing drives them insane, forcing them to loose their grip and fall to the ground. Ever wonder how pot holes are formed? The bell has served it's purpose. If you pick up a bell of your own, the magic will still work. But if the bell is a gift, the power is doubled and you know that there is someone special looking out for you. When placing the bell on your bike, the closer to the ground, the better. And remember, It's not safe to pickup hitch-hikers!!
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I wish to convey to every

Marine, Sailor, Soldier, Airmen

and the others who fight to protect our rights and our freedoms, a very humble and sincere "THANK YOU". May you be protected and comforted, and most important of all, come home safe.

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