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Oshkosh, WI & Westfield, IN 2011

Total miles of 3756 from start to finish.

This whirlwind trip took just 9 days. Went to Oshkosh to see the big annual Air Venture airshow. Weather was not too nice but tolerable with respect to rain. The ride through the panhandle of Texas and Oklahoma was miserable due to extremes of both temperature and humidity. Temps ran 105-110 degrees and humidity in the 65-85% range. Hit some horrendous "Horizontal Rains" in Kansas with wind gusts in excess of 60 MPH. Thankfully the winds only lasted about 10 minutes.


Pictures and stories of my rides and runs.


My 4.5k mile ride to Sturgis 2008

The map below depicts the planned route for Last week of July and first week of August, 2008. The stop in Sturgis is just for fun. The rest of the trip is to visit with family. This will be about a 4000 mile trip when it is done. I have purchased video and still shot camera mounts for my bike and will have a lot more pictures and videos than has been true in the past.

Distance as shown ==> 3800 miles for 90hours travel time. Of course stops along the way are not reflected. The 90 hours is strictly "In the Saddle" time. My route plan assumes 12 hours per day in the saddle hwy speeds of 70 MPH and rural speeds of 60 MPH even though most folks average closer to 50 MPH over the entire trip. Click here for the dedicated page associated with this trip. I will be updating it with pictures and videos in the coming days. The actual trip mileage was 4,587 miles, included 11 states, and was a blast.


My Memorial Day Weekend

"4 Corners Spring Fling" which started in Farmington, NM and included rides to Teluride, Ridgeway, Durango in Colorado, and on to AngleFire for the Viet Nam Memorial.
This was my first ride with the New Mexico X Riders. A great group of folks and nothing but fun from start to finish. It was an awesome trip that was 1500 miles starting and ending at my home in Las Cruces. It was a great trip, with good folks, good fun, and about every kind of weather that exists along the way. We were very much ready for anything though and really had no bad experiences. that said, this was definately a trip that needs to be accomplished at a much slower rate than we did it. Too much to see and do and not near enough time in which to do it.

To see my SpringFling photos, just "Click" here.


This trip was only about 250 miles. In deed only a short trip, but for a great cause. This ride was with the Patriot Guard Riders (PGR) for the services of PFC Chavez.

The PGR is a GREAT group of folks who Ride with Respect for the benefit and honor os those who have died on behalf of our country and their families. You should check it out, and if you feel so inclined, JOIN the PGR.


This trip was right at 900 miles from start to finish and was for the annual Aero Medical Transport Conference which in 2006, was held in Phoenix, AZ. It was a great run, even if it was relatively brief, and more business than pleasure.

The AMTC conference is held annually. I participated as a part of my job with Southwest MedEvac. Don't know that I will catch many more of those, but it was fun, just the same.



Stay tuned.


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