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The finest in durable, longlife, strong AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries on the market will be here soon. Odyssey batteries are used extensively by the military and numerous other government agencies expressly because of their reliability,
even under harsh conditions. I will be fully revamping this store page, and will better organize the items that are available and coming on line. Stay tuned for additional information.

I handle the full line of RAM products. You should feel free to visit their site for additional information and then drop me a line for additional information regarding pricing. As a resale provider for RAM products, you will find my prices better than you can find elsewhere. See for yourself.


I am currently testing some products and working with vendors, the result of which will be the "TOP of the Line" products not available just anywhere. At the present time I believe that I have identified a far superior wireless communication system for bikers and expect the system to be available in spring of this year. I am also reviewing some leather products, safety equipment, gloves, jackets, suits and etc. The same holds true for lighting systems to highlight, show or otherwise attract attention to your bike. I will be investigating other vendors, suppliers and manufacturers as I locate them. If you are looking for the cheapest price, this is probably not where you will want to be. On the other hand if Quality is what you need, this will be the place you want to stop in to for your biking needs. Thank you for your time.

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